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Our Office Team

CPM has an office team of five staff, who provide administrative oversight for CPM programs and coaching services. We offer a friendly, collegiate and supportive work environment and are all proud to be part of the CPM office team.


Tania O'Neil is a Senior Course Coordinator who oversees the management of several CPM programs, Tania also provides a finance support function.


Wendy Knight is a Senior Course Coordinator in addition to managing 360° Feedback Profiles. Wendy also oversees our Executive Coaching program.


Peta Harding is CPM’s Business Operations Manager and Campus Manager. Peta provides project management oversight to CPM’s many Departmental and in-house programs.


Brianne Locke is our Folder Production Manager and Course Coordinator. She manages program materials and is responsilbe for the delivery of several departmental and public programs.


Brooke McBain is a Public Sector Business Development Consultant who provides and manages training solutions to several APS and non-Government organisations in the ACT.